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Wines full of character from the mystical south of France

Vacation on the winery in the south of France

Vacation on the winery in the south of France

Domaine Saint Antoine

In Haut-Minervois, in the very south of France - this is where Domaine Saint Antoine is located, in a region that has been characterized by viticulture for over 2000 years. Between the slopes of the Montagne Noire in the north and the mountain range of the Corbières in the south, our "Domaine" is located in the middle of the wide valley of the Aude River. Ancient traces, castles, caverns, old monasteries, the Canal du Midi and the legendary history of the Cathars give this area a unique charm. “Saint Antoine" is thereby characterized. Mysterious mists in spring and autumn, a "motte castrale", a small historical medieval castle hill in the middle of our vineyards, a landscape which should be called the French Tuscany and which could not be more varied - in short a mystical spot of earth, a "terroir mystique".


Wine of the season

Les Exuberants
This wine, perhaps more than others, expresses the summer exuberance and joy. With its taste of raspberry and strawberry, it makes you feel the summer even when it may already be over.

The winery

Our wines

The profound

Complexity of taste and elegance of expression are found in these wines. Drinking them, you feel the mysticism of the depth of flavor in the nose and mouth. As a symbol of this claim, we equip them with the deep black label and heavier bottles.
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The characteristics

There are grape varieties that are virtually made for the hot south of France. First among these is Carignan, which has its own mysticism. Long grown for its high yields, it has a very long life - our oldest Carignans were planted in 1905 - and with old vines and pruning focused on quality, it produces outstanding wines full of character.
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The spontaneous

Sometimes we just feel like trying something new and even happen to have the right wine for it in the cellar. And then we just make a new wine that we perhaps don't intent to make every year. A kind of pop-up wine. We equip these wines with a special label with drawings by Cat Soriano, an artist from the south of France, whose little figures have taken a liking to us. These wines should always be beautiful and easy to understand. Lighthearted as the labels...
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The classics

Wines from the grape varieties that are known internationally, but to which our region gives their own character. In other words, classics in the guise of mysticism of Saint Antoine.
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The fresh

In some regions of the world, there are still people who think that a wine with a screw cap is of inferior quality. This is certainly not the case with our wines: we use screw caps for our fresh wines because we want to preserve their original character as much as possible. These are wines that are not intended for aging, but for uncomplicated enjoyment.
To the wine

The mysticism of flavors

“There is truth in wine," says an old adage. Because Saint Antoine wants to offer honest wines, we want to lift the mystique of wine by clearing the mists, is our credo. The wine drinker becomes a sommelier through hints from the cellar master. This is unique so far: the aromas that await you when you open the bottle can easily be found in internationally understandable icons on the label.

The instigators

Our history that of a Berlin couple who have realized a dream here in the Languedoc near Rieux: their own winery. We love wine and the power of nature that produces it. Anyone who has experienced the gnarled beauty of the Minervois, the mists over the hilly landscape, the Mediterranean vegetation, is captivated by its originality.

Vacation at the winery

In the middle of our estate are our three gîtes: La Truffière, a house with a large living room of about 45 square meters and room for up to six people, Le Rosier, our smallest gîte for four people, both attached directly to the former wine cellar and the bungalow L'Olivette with three bedrooms and also room for up to six people.

Excellent wines

Competitions are a way to determine where one's winery stands. Of course, we do not always submit all wines to all competitions. But again and again we do so with some of our products. With pride we can say that our wines have already been awarded in many competitions, enclosed are just a few of them:

Berliner Weintrophy

Silver medal

Concours Vignerons Independants 2019


What our customers say

Excellent wine from a winery from France run with love.
Wonderfully furnished cottages in quiet surroundings.
Your wines are just perfect and the transport worked perfectly.
Your current wines please my wife and me quite wonderfully.
Would it be possible to get another case of this excellent wine?
...with interest I drank the Seduction, it tasted terrific.
... that was a very nice wine tasting last night. The presentation and the wines were great and you really got the desire for the next France vacation.



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